Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Illustrado Restaurant

I was so overwhelmed with the interiors of Illustrado, that I decided to split my review of the place and the opening luncheon. :) Isn't it obvious that it was my first time? :p

Last May 28, 2012, Monday, I was invited by a friend blogger, Mae, to join in the opening luncheon for the Malolos Inaugural Feast. I was really excited to come plus I get to bring a friend.

So, what is it really about Malolos? "The glory days of the Republic of the Philippines had ravishing cuisine befitting the richest town in Central Luzon in those times." Historically speaking, The Malolos Convention was instrumental in the establishment of the First Philippine Republic which symbolizes the foundation of the Philippine government. Thus, it is fitting for Illustrado to feature the place as it is a big addition to history.

Come and read my Illustrado-Malolos Feast Experience. You can drool over the pictures and imaginatively experience the taste :D **WARNING.. HEAVY PHOTOS. DROOL IF YOU MUST**

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shangrila Heat - A Buffet to Remember

With the craze of eat-all-you-can-buffets nowadays, the search for the perfect buffet servings is on the roll. Situated at the heart of Shaw Blvd., EDSA, Shangrila Hotel has something in store for our buffet cravings and mouth-watering tummy desires.

As a child, I've often stayed here when my dad had to attend some medical conventions. Sponsoring companies would provide him a complimentary room for his stay during the days. My sister and I would enjoy a bask in the sun, as we swam along their then big swimming pool. With the passing of years and turning of age, my family and I once again revisited the place.

Shangrila Heat is definitely a buffet worth coming back for...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Charming Maria

Charm is another meaning for 'gayuma'. I prefer this definition. Last March 2012, I bought some ensogo deal vouchers and have been eager to book my reservations to this place. I've only been twice to this place with different set of friends. :)

This eerie house converted to a casual setback restaurant is now (as I hear) is making a comeback. Known for their gastronomic-stomach-blasting desserts, I find this place enticing. It was their dessert that made me want to try it out.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Illustrado - Fine Dining Inside the Walled City

June 12, The Philippine Independence Day, is a national holiday observed in the country and is just around the corner. In line with this, Illustrado will be launching a tribute to the Malolos Culinary Heritage - A First Republic Feast (FOOD!) But before jumping to the main event, let me walk you through in my Illustrado experience :)

Illustrado Dining Restaurant/Cafe is situated inside the Wall City of Intramuros. For over 19 years, it has established a name for itself as a fine dining restaurant and favorite wedding venue. Well known personalities all over the world delight in dining here. 

A touch of Hispanic ambiance and wood works, Illustrado is a must place to visit apart from a tour over the long-stretched famous wall. It is situated along General Luna Street, near the PLM School. I like how their website describe the location of the place, "a cobble-stoned driveway off the Calle Real del Palacio leads past a tree-shaded courtyard to Illustrado. Here in a setting inspired by Spanish architectural detail wrought iron grillwork, stone tiles and wood. Illustrado offers as well the rich flavors of Spanish, Filipino and European cuisine."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sssteakkk... :)

If you say the word, steak - WAGYU STEAK, here in the Philipiines regardless of the budget, there's only one dinning place where they are known for it - MELO's. My family completely loves steaks, especially my dad, served with red or white wine. My other siblings also share the same taste buds as my dad has, whereas me and my mom, we sometimes go with the buds but most of the time we are on the fish side of the meal.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant

Before every tea bubble place, milk tea drinks became the fad or the "in" thing, this little Japanese sounding place stood already in place. Situated just outside the SM D'Block Hypermarket entrance, Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant is silently waiting for new customers. I've known this place for years already, as it has been my pick-up hang-out place while waiting for someone to pick me up.

Yes, they have yummy bubble pearls that goes along with your order of taro milk tea or royal milk tea. And yes, it's Japanese! ^^, . . .it's not really that fancier than we think nor even pricey. But the food is really cheap and servings are really great.

The place is really small, but the upstairs level is much sought-after. It's a quiet place and romantic to do some cozy-ing (if you know what I mean).

The place is painted in white, with array of lights in the ceiling. The chairs are comfortable and colorful. The staff are very friendly and they really know what they are serving.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sanggyupssal Overload!

I absolutely loooove Korean Sangyupssal :) I had my taste of this dish in another Korean restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue. The sangyupssal order was a little bit pricey and the order was also small. So, what we would do is we would have our own home party - sangyupssal feast! We ate our hearts out until we got so full!

A few months went by, we got a word of mouth that there's another Korean joint inside the Teacher's Village area. It was an eat all you can Sanggyupssal feast! And I finally got to try it when some friends from Palawan have been craving for Korean dishes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YakiMix at Masinag

My mom totally loves YakiMix. She doesn't say so but its her word for the day when my sister arrived last January 2012. So before my sister left for school the following month, we had our YakiMix adventure in their SM Masinag Branch.

Cozy Cafe Breton

I first had a taste of crepes dessert on my first trip to Boracay. It was the crepe station along the beach, where the ones you order will be prepared and cooked right in front of you. It was heaven!

It was an experience and a memorable one. When we always return home after every Boracay trip, we would look for the crepe house within the metro, hoping there will be one here! And there is one - Cafe Breton.

Kimono Ken Come Back!

Hello Kimono Ken! :)

We meet again at last. And your menu prices changed more expensively. The usual milk tea with sago I normally order seemed to have been erased . Some of your usual dishes has been replaced and your menu photos just watered my palates even more. ^_^

Krakow's Auschwitz Site Part 1

In Krakow, Poland, two of Hitler's death camp is located here. On our visit last September 2011, we got the chance to do a tour at Auschwitz Camp. I was a bit excited to go in and learn so much history about the place. It is a sad and solemn place at the same time because so many people have lost their lives here. It was like unraveling everything about what Hitler had made to the country and how much hatred he had on such innocent ones.

entering the Auschwitz Gate Camp
Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed bu Nazi Germany during World War II. This camp at Poland was the largest of the German concentration camps.

The entrance to the camp might seem small or just a little sad town. But, really, this place is REALLY big!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Road to Bencab

The BenCab Museum is (I think) a just recently opened museum along Asin Road, Baguio. On our visit last January of this year, our friends who hosted our stay in Baguio, suggested that we go visit this new museum.

BenCab Museum is located at Km. 6 Asin Road, a brief 15-minute drive from the center of Baguio City.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Quaint Unnoticeable Vietnamese House

Cold Warsaw was really cold! I am sorry to say that the weather bureau is not as believable as it should be. Basically it's a fault on our part, we relied on our dad who's body temperature is more cold-proof than me. Warsaw was the last leg of our Europe trip and the weather is gearing towards autumn. And it is not like Baguio! :(

A warm and hot noodle soup is just what we need to survive in the the cold, rainy, wet country. My dad and mom when they were sightseeing on their own found this quaint little restaurant on the side.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baguio after Four Years

Baguio City. My last visit in this summer capital was last 2007 and a lot has changed in this city. I was visiting the place together with my relatives, of which, it was their first time coming over. 

Revisiting SumoSam

Hello 2012.
Hello SumoSam (we meet again).


Gelatissimo, hmmm? ICE CREAM! (imagine screaming those words).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saku-Saku Chicken

I first heard of this through my brother. One Friday night after a regular meeting, he said to try out Saku-Saku Chicken in Tomas Morato. It is Korean-owned restaurant.

Authentic Polskie Cuisine :)

Travelling is not only about seeing places, or knowing the culture of one town or country. But it is also knowing a culture through food.

Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie is the place to discover authentic polish dish. It is situated within the vicinity of Old Town, Warsawa, Poland. The name per se is translated as "Polish Flower Inn." It is blooming with original culinary ideas that give a twist to standard Polish cuisine.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hana Sushi

Last September 2011, my family visited Poland for the first time. We went to Krawkow and Warsawa (Warsaw). Krakow was typically an old town, no modern malls. So when we landed at Warsaw, there was a huge mall with lots of restaurants and clothes, makeup stores.

So one evening, we decided to try out this Japanese restaurant, Hana Sushi.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Boracay

As a year-ender for 2011, I visited Boracay together with some friends as well as with my dad. My dad had a work activity and we were fortunate enough to tag along with him. We manage to tag along only on the third day... the rest of the food gatherings, we just couldn't get much of it. It was gluttony! haha.

On our last night in the island, we visited a friend of ours who is working at Red Coconut Beach Hotel. We had some food in the restaurant, beside the bar.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Evening with the Bulgogi Brothers

A dream come true! YesSss! I am finally getting my dining experience at the famous Bulgogi Brothers.

Yang Chow Dimsum Tea - A Word from a Friend

Last September 2011, my close friend and a makeup-artist highly recommended a "very good" Chinese restaurant. She said they have the best yang chow rice, the best beef and broccoli dish, and so on. So one day, out of curiousness, we tried Yang Chow Eton Branch. With much whispering and all, they said that a famous celebrity couple franchised this branch.