Monday, June 4, 2012

Charming Maria

Charm is another meaning for 'gayuma'. I prefer this definition. Last March 2012, I bought some ensogo deal vouchers and have been eager to book my reservations to this place. I've only been twice to this place with different set of friends. :)

This eerie house converted to a casual setback restaurant is now (as I hear) is making a comeback. Known for their gastronomic-stomach-blasting desserts, I find this place enticing. It was their dessert that made me want to try it out.


The whole place is really home-y and very inviting. They have a section in the corner, just near the stairs going to the restrooms, a retail area where they sell clothes and bags. This is the place to be to bring friends for dining or to dine in with someone you love. The place is really quiet, and private. I took lots of photos of the interiors and all. I was really "charmed" by it.

 They have small places adorned or divided with curtains to provide more privacy. Even the cashier area is like a mini-bar with cool painted sayings and vintage trinkets arrayed in the ceiling. We had the place all by ourselves. It's best to dine in here during lunch than dinner.

Outside seating capacity

They also have an open air outside seating capacity. The upper roofing is made of piled wood. With a centered vase. It was like a fancy carinderia-feel with lots of flowers and faded mirrors.

They serve an eat-all-you-can-pasta buffet. The buffet is open in the afternoon until just before 6pm. 

Every center table is adorned with a floral vase. The flowers contribute to the liveliness of the whole room.

Eat-all-you-can pasta buffet

ALL THAT JAZZ ~ Php325.00 (giant prawn gambas in spicy Cajun, comes  with bread for dunking)
SWEET LOVERS ~ Php235.00 (rich braised beef pot pie topped with mashed potatoes served with rice)
My friend and I love their braised beef. It was cooked to perfection. We especially loved the mashed potatoes. I definitely recommend this dish :)

BEATS SEX ANYDAY ~ Php75.00 (rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream and chocolate bits)

While munching away, I lastly noticed the cool postings on their wall. I did noticed it when we first came in but completely ignored it. 

True or not, it does catch one's attention. :)

[From top to bottom] UNREQUITED LOVE ~ Php185.00 & H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. ~ Php185.00 
 UNREQUITED LOVE is their version of tom yum meets sinigang in this sour spicy healthy soup of mushroom, fish and littuco, sampaloc and strawberries. This was really good. We ordered two of this. What we like about this soup is the twist it gives to the normal cooking of sinigang. 

H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. (HOLDING HANDS WHILE WALKING PA-SWING SWING PA) crispy fried peppery chicken tenders served with rice

[From top to bottom] ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU NEVER GO BACK ~ Php225.00 & NILASING NI EBA SI ADAN ~ Php215.00 
ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU NEVER GO BACK. Cocoa-crusted cream dory with chocolate sauce. The other guests of the place say that this is one of the most recommended and best-sellers in the house. Dory coated in chocolate. It was really unique and an original :)

NILASING NI EBA SI ADAN. Pork loin dish marinated in beer and apple.

Overall ambiance is great. Except for the bulb lights, they were giving me a headache (all were so dim :( )
Food presentation needs improvement.
Food taste., just so-so. It was a little salty. So I suggest you inform them about not putting too much salt especially if you're on a specific diet.
Desserts? They are to die for. :)

#123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa St.) 
Sikatuna Village, Q.C.
Phone: (02) 441-4872
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-12mn; Sun 10am-10pm

Quote for the Day: "In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality" ~ Alfred Stieglitz

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