Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Classic Roasted Chicken. Macaroni and cheese. corn muffin. and 20++ side dishes.

After so many years (I forgot my last dine at Kenny Rogers), I revisited Kenny Rogers. I had my dinner there last tonight with the company of friends. Thanks to my sister who gave our dinner treat. :)

Kenny Rogers first came to the Philippines in 1995 and opened its doors on the 28th of March. As mentioned in the onset of my blog, they became known for their roasted chicken, baby back ribs, corn-muffins and a wide array of fresh side dishes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Venus & Mars Naturals - A Beauty Note

This blog is way, way beyond my usual articles. It has nothing to do with my travels or food, but particularly on the "girly and fun side" of being a girl.

I visited a bazaar last April and was introduced by my friend to one of Venus & Mars owner, Ms. Jamie Tan.
L-R: Jaimie Tan & Makeup by Con

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

I came across this store this morning, strolling along the 4th level of Trinoma Mall. I wonder what's in store. I wonder how great is the yogurt. And I wonder . . . I wonder.

Along with food buddies, I invited them to try this out. We know it's another yogurt store, but we also wonder if they're really living up to their name, with a "golden" spoon. We giggled and joked around, why it's named after that - why gold? Go figure. However here are some facts about the company, where it originated, and so on.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Day at Starbucks

I've been meaning to blog about this since last week. But I have to come up with a background or history about. I was disappointed because (1st) there was no history, (2nd) no description of the product & (3rd) bloggers are more focused with the drinks, frappuccino, not the pastries nor sandwiches. Pretty disappointing.

Any hows, Starbucks' not only is well known for their famous frappuccinos and signatured coffee beans, but I completely LOVE their sandwiches, tortilla wraps, pandesals, and waffles. My favorite, Forest Ham, wasn' t available in their SM North Branch :( so I ordered a different sandwich instead.

Croissant Ham & Cheese SW Php125.00 (i dunno d exact name & price)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Fruitti Froyo Experience

Yes, this is a yogurt post. Like I said in my White Hat blog, yogurt is the new and healthier fad this days, this year! Frutti Froyo is another brand of yogurt. It's colorful and attractive stores is truly an eye-catching stop in any street or during a day of window shopping.

Frutti Froyo Trinoma Branch

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Devil's food cake.
Blueberry Cheesecake.
Carrot Cake.

If you have not tasted this sweet confections, then you are missing out. The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is situated at the UP Diliman Campus, Bahay ng Alumni. A home baker outsourcing their baked goodies by means of friends, family, relatives. For some home bakers, baking is a hobby, a passion. But then if one decides to turn the hobby into a profit, it makes something wonderful.

Apart from my love of photography, baking is also an integral part of my life. BUT, I am just a hobby-ist, making it a profit once in a while. I admire home bakers who take the big leap by sharing their passion to others. Home bakers like Banapple Cheesecakes, Petite Fours & Choco Kiss Cafe and the like.

The then Chocolate Kiss Homebaked Delights, took that big leap in January 1997. The Chocolate Kiss Cafe was now born.

2nd Flr. Kiss Cafe Receiving Area

CBTL's Peach Fruit Tea Drink

Finally! After 3 days of blogger incognito, it's finally working again. I was ecstatic to blog away last Thursday about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Peach Fruit Tea. Out of curiousity, I shelled out to try it out.

I got the Large size and paired it up with Hello Panda :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The White Hat Italian Yogurt

Cravings - satisfied!

Yes, I've finally come to taste White Hat Italian Yogurt again. I was with some friends yesterday and we revisited White Hat at SM North Annex

The White Hat, SM North Annex

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beijing, China

The land of the 你好's! :) It was amazing!! I love everything about Beijing. History, food, shopping!

Let me share to you my 2010 trip with the family. I'll bring you to the Imperial/Forbidden Palace, Wanfujing (exotic delicacies) & The Great Wall.

THE itinerary

Huiyuan Prime Hotel

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bantayan Island, Cebu

My first and last visit to Bantayan Island was last 2009 with my family and cousins. So, where is exactly Bantayan Island? It is located at the northern part of the province of Cebu. From the city, you either travel by private van or public transportation, (bus) all the way to Hagnaya Port (roughly 3-4hrs road travel). From the port, you are not far behind Sta. Fe Port, this is just a short trip unlike the road travel.

The beach is white as Boracay, but not fine like the latter. The long stretched shoreline is great for walking and picking up shells.

view towards Sta. Fe Port

shoreline across Sta. Fe Beach Club

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Siquijor Adventure

Last April 20-23, 2011, I was able to visit Siquijor Island. Amidst its mysterious and magical history, the island is actually far off from what had been known. It is a question for me, why Siquijor is an interesting island and why foreigners actually dig this place.

Siquijor is an island, an hour away from the province of Dumaguete. Getting here is flying directly to Dumaguete, take ferry ride, an hour and half. Below is the map of the island, which can be toured for about 2-3hours estimate.

Photo credits: dumagueteinfo.com/siquijor.php
We started from Enrique Villanueva (E.V.) and went to Larena, Siquijor,  San Juan, Lazi and back to Tulapos. We went resort hopping. :) See my adventures below. :)

Larena Port ?

The view from the port