Saturday, December 17, 2011

Krakow, Poland: Wawel Castle + Main Market Square

My photowalk/travel around Krakow barely began. Let me now take you around Wawel Castle. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Krakow, Poland: The Old Town

This is my first time EVER to visit Poland. Same with my parents who were with me. Before venturing, I did a little research on what to expect. And it was more than what I had read.

This little town in Poland, was our first stop. Krakow/Cracow.

overlooking Wawel Castle

A Surprise Party @ 63

The surprise party of the century. Savor on what we had to serve :)

Manny O. Red Wine + Samosas 
Assorted Kitaro Sashimi & Sushi

Homemade Cranberry Cake by Tita Frech :)

Quote for the Day: "Beauty, picturesqueness, and all loveliness are the food of art." 
~ Henry Peach Robinson

Our Tambayan - McDo Matalino!

Last November 6, my friends and I revisited the newly renovated-modernized McDonald's Matalino. We have been waiting for forever to finish the renovations. After our long wait and a very tiring week, I got the chance to dine in here again.