Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sssteakkk... :)

If you say the word, steak - WAGYU STEAK, here in the Philipiines regardless of the budget, there's only one dinning place where they are known for it - MELO's. My family completely loves steaks, especially my dad, served with red or white wine. My other siblings also share the same taste buds as my dad has, whereas me and my mom, we sometimes go with the buds but most of the time we are on the fish side of the meal.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant

Before every tea bubble place, milk tea drinks became the fad or the "in" thing, this little Japanese sounding place stood already in place. Situated just outside the SM D'Block Hypermarket entrance, Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant is silently waiting for new customers. I've known this place for years already, as it has been my pick-up hang-out place while waiting for someone to pick me up.

Yes, they have yummy bubble pearls that goes along with your order of taro milk tea or royal milk tea. And yes, it's Japanese! ^^, . . .it's not really that fancier than we think nor even pricey. But the food is really cheap and servings are really great.

The place is really small, but the upstairs level is much sought-after. It's a quiet place and romantic to do some cozy-ing (if you know what I mean).

The place is painted in white, with array of lights in the ceiling. The chairs are comfortable and colorful. The staff are very friendly and they really know what they are serving.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sanggyupssal Overload!

I absolutely loooove Korean Sangyupssal :) I had my taste of this dish in another Korean restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue. The sangyupssal order was a little bit pricey and the order was also small. So, what we would do is we would have our own home party - sangyupssal feast! We ate our hearts out until we got so full!

A few months went by, we got a word of mouth that there's another Korean joint inside the Teacher's Village area. It was an eat all you can Sanggyupssal feast! And I finally got to try it when some friends from Palawan have been craving for Korean dishes.