Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Illustrado Restaurant

I was so overwhelmed with the interiors of Illustrado, that I decided to split my review of the place and the opening luncheon. :) Isn't it obvious that it was my first time? :p

Last May 28, 2012, Monday, I was invited by a friend blogger, Mae, to join in the opening luncheon for the Malolos Inaugural Feast. I was really excited to come plus I get to bring a friend.

So, what is it really about Malolos? "The glory days of the Republic of the Philippines had ravishing cuisine befitting the richest town in Central Luzon in those times." Historically speaking, The Malolos Convention was instrumental in the establishment of the First Philippine Republic which symbolizes the foundation of the Philippine government. Thus, it is fitting for Illustrado to feature the place as it is a big addition to history.

Come and read my Illustrado-Malolos Feast Experience. You can drool over the pictures and imaginatively experience the taste :D **WARNING.. HEAVY PHOTOS. DROOL IF YOU MUST**

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shangrila Heat - A Buffet to Remember

With the craze of eat-all-you-can-buffets nowadays, the search for the perfect buffet servings is on the roll. Situated at the heart of Shaw Blvd., EDSA, Shangrila Hotel has something in store for our buffet cravings and mouth-watering tummy desires.

As a child, I've often stayed here when my dad had to attend some medical conventions. Sponsoring companies would provide him a complimentary room for his stay during the days. My sister and I would enjoy a bask in the sun, as we swam along their then big swimming pool. With the passing of years and turning of age, my family and I once again revisited the place.

Shangrila Heat is definitely a buffet worth coming back for...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Charming Maria

Charm is another meaning for 'gayuma'. I prefer this definition. Last March 2012, I bought some ensogo deal vouchers and have been eager to book my reservations to this place. I've only been twice to this place with different set of friends. :)

This eerie house converted to a casual setback restaurant is now (as I hear) is making a comeback. Known for their gastronomic-stomach-blasting desserts, I find this place enticing. It was their dessert that made me want to try it out.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Illustrado - Fine Dining Inside the Walled City

June 12, The Philippine Independence Day, is a national holiday observed in the country and is just around the corner. In line with this, Illustrado will be launching a tribute to the Malolos Culinary Heritage - A First Republic Feast (FOOD!) But before jumping to the main event, let me walk you through in my Illustrado experience :)

Illustrado Dining Restaurant/Cafe is situated inside the Wall City of Intramuros. For over 19 years, it has established a name for itself as a fine dining restaurant and favorite wedding venue. Well known personalities all over the world delight in dining here. 

A touch of Hispanic ambiance and wood works, Illustrado is a must place to visit apart from a tour over the long-stretched famous wall. It is situated along General Luna Street, near the PLM School. I like how their website describe the location of the place, "a cobble-stoned driveway off the Calle Real del Palacio leads past a tree-shaded courtyard to Illustrado. Here in a setting inspired by Spanish architectural detail wrought iron grillwork, stone tiles and wood. Illustrado offers as well the rich flavors of Spanish, Filipino and European cuisine."